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Hair straightener

Any woman wants to be beautiful and charming, despite the harsh weather and cold seasons. Everyone knows that one of the “business cards” of a successful and well-groomed lady is a flawless hairstyle that can be done using a hair straightener. Its main purpose is to straighten curly curly curls, which are especially confused and curly in wet weather.

With the help of iron (this is what they call it in the use), you can not only straighten your hair, but also give them volume, styling in a variety of ways at home, without visiting a beauty salon.

Differences of professional from household models

Professional models, although much more expensive than conventional hair curlers, are far better options that you won’t have to regret buying. One of the main advantages is that any professional curling iron is equipped with a temperature regulator and an auto-shutdown option that will neither dry the hair nor burn them. The life of specialized appliances is much longer. They have more power, made of better materials, especially with regard to their plates, which provides a soft slip of hair and complete safety when applied.

Types and differences

The FHI Flat Iron Reviews said iron is intended for straightening of hair, and also for creation of various stylings. The basis of its construction – two plates, between which the strand is clamped, and its alignment occurs under the action of high temperatures. Titanium-coated models that heat up as fast as possible within 30 seconds are considered best. The faster the appliance heats up, the more time is saved when creating a hairstyle or styling. There are also other models:

Characteristics of plates

Here are the main:

Iron metal plates are still widespread to consumers due to their exterior similarity to ordinary scraps and low prices. However, metal does more harm to the hair than good: heating it unevenly, making the hair very easy to burn. Therefore, professional hairdressers are trying to deny their clients the use of cheap irons. This can cause not only the known cut ends, but also the destruction of the hair structure, which will be very problematic to restore.

Any ceramic coating is already much better. Plates made of this material are always heated evenly and gradually, giving the hair a shine and care. But in unprotected ceramics, despite the perfectly smooth sliding of the hair on the plates, there is one significant disadvantage: it will constantly adhere to excess hair care products, which means that they should always be thoroughly wiped with a soft cloth after each application.